Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Trip Back To Nostalgiaville

Last week I got to stop in at a really neat store just off the Interstate called Nostalgiaville. This store was chock full of pop culture memorabilia from the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's. Posters, T-shirts, key rings, mugs, license tags, pens, old TV shows on DVD, postcards, and thousands of other things.

They had stuff from The Three Stooges, Betty Boop, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, The Andy Griffin Show, the first Star Wars movie, Elvis, The Beatles and Superman!

I took a quick 20 minute walk through the store and had to keep telling myself, "Don't buy that, don't buy that and definitely don't buy that!" In the end, I walked out with a few postcards that I mailed out at the post office across the street.

But what a great place to relive some old memories!


Anonymous said...

I'm like you, only it's my wife telling me I can't buy the stuff.
It sounds enjoyable.

The Word Of Jeff said...


Now that you mention it, that voice in my head DID sound suspicously like my wife's!

Michelle said...

Danger, Will Robinson, Danger... LOL

I'm such a sucker for pop culture I'd be in there for hours.

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