Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Gateway To The West

Greetings from the state capital of Missouri, Jefferson City, which is named after our third President, Thomas Jefferson. In addition to being nicknamed "The Show-Me State", Missouri is also called "The Gateway To The West." It snowed here lightly last night, but the 10-day forecast says just cold temperatures are what we can expect for the next week or so. However, since I'm supposed to be here for at least a month, I brought the long underwear that I took on my trips to Scotland, London and France.

Cindy dropped me at the airport this morning around 7:45 EST, a little early for my 10 am flight but something we had to do so she could get set up at Eola Market on time. I'm pretty sure getting there early helped me get a seat assignment change so that I could have an exit row window seat for the 2 1/2 hour flight. With my long legs, that extra room always helps.

I arrived in St. Louis at 11:20 CST, waited almost 30 minutes for my one checked bag and then got my rental car. This is my first time using Budget (not my choice) and, as I told Cindy, I now know why it's so named. The people at their counters offer good, friendly service, but the car itself was unwashed and the interior MAY have been vacuumed, but not with any care. I imagine that, instead, they just sprayed a couple of squirts of some deodorizer and moved on to the next vehicle. I'm hoping very much that the engine has received better attention.

After driving 90 miles west and 30 miles south, I arrived in Jefferson City. I went straight to my hotel, Candlewood Suites, another first for me but a more pleasant one. When I check in, I always ask if they have a "top-floor-corner room" available and the desk staff smilingly informed me that they had already assigned such a room to me. BIG SMILE! The room is very nice and I have a stove top, microwave and full-sized refrigerator which means I can eat a bit more on the healthy side for breakfast and dinner, rather than having to eat out for every meal. The hotel offers free DVD's for viewing on the provided players in each room, free laundry in four washers and dryers, a nice fitness room and a friendly staff. Nearby are a mall, movie theater and grocery store, as well as fast-food and sit down mid-range restaurants. I probably won't find out until tomorrow or Tuesday if I am remaining here in Jefferson City or going somewhere else in the state, but I am thinking I would REALLY like staying here, lol.

Some quick random thoughts throughout the day:

It should be illegal for morons to fly with the general public (then again, such a law would undoubtedly cut airline traffic to nothing).

I did NOT need to see this News Alert on my Blackberry as I was boarding this morning's flight (thankfully I wasn't on that carrier).

After some time at home, I now have to get used to Central Standard Time again.

Is it "Missourah" or "Missouree"? (I DO know the correct answer. Do you?)


Georgie said...

Hope it's not too cold up there. I've been in Candlewood Suites here in Houston for the last two months. Very quiet and the bed and pillows are extremely comfortable. Most accomodating hotel I've ever stayed in.
Stay warm...

The Word Of Jeff said...


Low tonight is 47, then tomorrow night goes down to 37. Brrrr!

AnnMarie said...

We just had a cold night.. I wish we had more of them. Hope all continues to go well!

donstuff said...

No kidding! I'd never be able to travel if morons were excluded.
Enjoy your month.

The Word Of Jeff said...


Truth be told, I might occasionally fall into that category as well. :)

kimsota said...

Glad you arrived in good condition. Hope your quarters are not too good, you may not want to come back home again. We just got back from the Opera. Yesterday I walked my pups down the block and also tried my bike. Today I spent two hours working in the yard, so you can see I am getting better each day.

The Word Of Jeff said...


Thanks for the good wishes. I'm glad to hear you're doing better.

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