Sunday, November 30, 2008

Snowing In Jefferson City

A light snowfall began last night around 11:15. I watched it gently fall through the darkness just outside my third floor hotel room. Although I know it is nothing more than a common meteorological occurrence, there is also something almost magical about watching those white flakes drift out of the darkness above and slowly descend past you to the ground below.

Here's some pictures of the view from my room this 7 this morning. Right after taking a few pictures, I got back in bed and under the covers. Brrrr...just looking at it made me cold.

The snow stopped falling around 10 this morning, then began falling heavily again around 1:30 this afternoon. In fact, it's a LOT heavier with larger flakes and being blown at an angle like a blizzard! Still, most of it is melting as it lands on the streets and sidewalks, so hopefully it won't be an issue when driving to work tomorrow morning.


Cindy said...

I love the snow. I wish we were together watching it snow. What a beautiful peaceful moment. enjoy my love.

AnnMarie said...

Very pretty!

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