Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My B&N

Book-based social networking sites like Shelfari, Goodreads, Bookcrossing and others are being joined by Barnes & Noble with the rollout of its new My B&N site. Like other book social networking sites, My B&N encourages users to create a personal profile (complete with pen name and avatars) and then to build preferences to fashion MyLibrary, a section which showcases your individual tastes in literature, music and cinema. You can post your own reviews and ratings, create lists in the My EssentiaLists section, keep track of events occurring at your local Barnes & Noble brick and mortar stores, and, like online book retailer Amazon, you can create a personalized Wish List of your most-desired books, movies and music.

My B&N is easily accessible on the Barnes & Noble homepage. The site will remind users of recent purchases so they may be added to the MyLibrary section, and users can share their My B&N lists with other social networks sites such as Facebook and Digg.

I'm working on setting up my profile and information as time permits, so if you join look for pen name jmwetherington.

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