Monday, November 3, 2008

Polling Place Campaign Signs

Here is something that I have always wondered about and I thought I'd throw it out here on the blog and see if anyone has an answer or even a different feeling about.

Why are there campaign signs, bunches and bunches of campaign signs, in the areas immediately surrounding polling locations?

Because I'm not sure that there are people who arrive at their polling place and say, "Oh there's a nice sign, I'll vote for that person!"

I mean, I know that there are "undecided" voters out there (although I did not come across one until last week when my step-daughter revealed that she remains unsure of who her presidential choice will be), but I can't imagine that even an undecided voter will make their choice at the last minute as they arrive to vote based on the sheer number of signs for a particular candidate littering the area outside their polling place.

Can you?

When I go to vote, I know who I'm voting for and why. For some reason I tend to think that most, if not everybody, does the same. Signs do not play a part in that process, no matter how many there are or how close to my placing the actual vote they may be

If any readers have an explanation or a different viewpoint, I'd love to read it.


AnnMarie said...

It's my opinion that while most people inform themselves about the major issues, there's alot of smaller issues on ballots as well. People may see a sign for an officer or a "Vote Yes on Amendment 6!" going in and remember that even if they don't know why they are voting that way.

Which is dumb. As for the major party signs, you got me there. Maybe they are hoping the same thing.

Anonymous said...

I recently read a quote from a comedian who said that he chooses a candidate by how many campaign signs he/she has and, based on the 2008 campaign, Remax gets his vote. Can't recall which comedian, but it was worth repeating.

The Word Of Jeff said...


I'm thinking that there must be some psychological study or something that shows it has SOME kind of positive impact. I've just never seen it.


That was Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central last week. I laughed sadly at that remark when I heard it.

Georgie said...

Like you, I do all my research ahead of time so I know going in what I'm voting for and who but according to Wikipedia those signs "build name recognition for candidates. Supposedly, each sign represents between six and ten votes..."
Like AnnMarie said, if someone sees the signs going in and isn't sure about a particular choice they may vote based on the last signs they saw.

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