Friday, November 28, 2008

Gmail Themes

Has anyone else been using the Gmail themes that Google has in beta offering?

I decided on the mountain theme, since that's where I'll be living in the future.

And what a pleasant surprise! I thought it would be a static background image of the same mountain picture day in and day out, but it's dynamic; changing at least once a day.

Still, I may go back to the plain ol' Gmail because I'm just not all that much into themes in my email program.

How about you? Do you like them and use them?


Cindy said...

Now that is too funny, that is what I made my theme... the mountains...

I really like it. Gives it a nice look.


Michelle said...

I'm using the planets one. I've always loved astronomy. I wish they'd expand the themes thing to their other apps like googledocs.

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