Monday, November 17, 2008

Our New Baby

Here's a picture of our new baby. I'll let Cindy tell the story in comments if she wants.


Cin said...

Well Mom rescued "him" a week ago from her back yard. the dogs found him and poor little thing was very sick and very skinny. Mom couldn't keep him because her dogs wanted to eat him..... I went over to help her with him and fell in love at first site. When I picked him up, he put his little paws on my chin and looked me right in the eyes....

I told Jeff about him and he said no more animals.. so Mom took him to the vet and asked if they could find a home for him. I really didn't talk anymore about him because Jeff had said no, Wolfie and Squeekie wouldn't like him..

So right before Jeff left for MO.. he said he had a something special to give me... yep...took me to the vet, he had called earlier and adopted the kitten for me..

so Tigger is now home with us...yes the other animals are not happy and I am having to be very careful with him. but he is so cute and loves me already..

My husband is the BEST in the world.. what a wonderful thoughtful man he is... no wonder I love him so much

kimsota said...

No wonder we love him so much.


AnnMarie said...

Awwww how cute!! You go Dad :)

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