Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wi-Fi Surprise!

I arrived safely at the secret training facility around 4:30 this afternoon after a 2-hour flight and a 90 minute shuttle bus ride out into the country. The best news is what you're seeing right now; since I was here 18 months ago they've added wireless connections to the cells...uh I mean dorm rooms. That means I can post here daily, in addition to the posts I've already written and scheduled for each day this coming week. So you might get double The Word Of Jeff pleasure!

I've already ironed my shirts for the week and had dinner at the dining hall. I also stopped by the "emporium" to buy a couple of postcards for loved ones. Now I'm back in my cell...uh I mean dorm room ready to get a good night's rest to be ready for the next four days of rigorous classroom training.

Wish me well, the competition is tough!

1 comment:

kimsota said...

Have you ever really been in a cell?

Thanks for everything, I have no complaint whatsoever.

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