Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Upcoming Schedule

I found out I'll be leaving Kentucky on Friday, July 17th. I'll get to spend Friday and Saturday night at home with Cindy before flying out Sunday to Baltimore Washington International aiport for a week of training at the super secret location I was at back in January of 2008.

At this point, I'm returning home to Orlando from there on Friday, July 24th and, as far as I know right now, there are no plans to send me anywhere. But as always, that could change at any time.


Michelle said...

Well I hope we can get together with you and Cindy after the 24th...after dark, of course, since I've now had to become a psuedo-vampire. ;)

AnnMarie said...


It'll be good to see you too...(I hope)

The Word Of Jeff said...


Maybe when I get back from D.C., depending on how long I am home. :)

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