Friday, January 30, 2009

It's SUIT, Not Suite!!

Twice this week I've read the phrase "That's not my strong suite" on two different websites. It made me cringe. And it made me scratch my head. The correct phrase, of course, is "not my strong SUIT" (soot) not suite (sweet) so they don't even sound similar. And I don't think they meant that they had a strong set of hotel rooms or furniture. What really, REALLY hurts was that in each case the websites belonged to writers.

I just would have expected better.


Georgie said...

LOL! That's grate!

The Word Of Jeff said...


You did that on porpoise, didn't you?

Georgie said...

I don't no what your eluding too! LOL

Michelle said...

I think we need to walk through life with red proofreader pens. LOL

I hate it when werds are miss spelt. Ironically, phonetically misspelling hate produces height. Go figure.

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