Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Delightful Dinner Visit

Tonight Cindy and I had the pleasure of dinner with our friends Kirk and Laura and Laura's parents who are in town from Michigan. Being on the road as much as I have been it's been at least 18 months since I've seen Laura's parents and almost as long since I've seen Laura. Kirk and I had the opportunity to get together for lunch the last time I was home for a few days.

Dinner was very nice, but did not last nearly long enough to catch up as much as any of us would have liked.

We exchanged Christmas gifts and Kirk gave me a book that caused me to burst out laughing right in the middle of the restaurant. "How To Profit From The Coming Rapture - Getting Ahead When You're Left Behind" and is described as "The investment guide the Antichrist doesn't want you to read." I can't wait to start reading it!

Hopefully we'll all have a chance to get together again before I get called out or Laura's parents return to Michigan in about 10 days, whichever comes first. We always have such a good time together it's a shame when there is such a prolonged period of time between our visits.

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