Sunday, October 25, 2009

This Could Save Your Life!

This always confuses and, frankly, irritates me. A TV station will air a promo for an upcoming piece on their newscast. It's Saturday afternoon and here's the promo:

(A black and white skull and crossbones appears on screen and the voiceover begins) "It's a dangerous product that everyone uses and it could kill you and your loved ones. This exclusive interview from channel blank's Jane Doe reveals information that will save your life! Thursday on the 11pm news broadcast!!"

Wait a minute! You're going to make me risk my life for 5 days waiting for this information just so you can pump up the numbers for your low-rated Thursday 11pm newscast???? If it's that damn important, tell me now!

Guess who won't be watching, life-saving information or not!


AnnMarie said...


The Word Of Jeff said...

AnnMarie, I've heard them in the Orlando TV market too.

Georgie said...

Orlando's ABC channel is the worst for that! I'm with you... I just get irritated and don't watch at all.

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