Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sheepback Mountain Cabin Progress

Last week, Cindy flew to Maggie Valley to spend a week with her friend Rebecca and look in on the progress of our Sheepback Mountain Cabin. It's difficult not to get excited when you see the street sign for the road you got to name and the walls going up on the first story above the basement. Not to mention the light dusting of snow that fell on Saturday and Sunday and what the view will be like from my future office window.

Here's one of the photos Cindy took and the others can be found here on Facebook or here on Flickr.

Monday I'll get some more photos from Cindy's mom and dad when we meet for dinner here in Atlanta and I believe Rebecca has some as well that she will be sending. I'll post those when they arrive.

Our cozy little cabin on Sheepback Mountain is slowly taking shape.


Mark said...

SWEET! Which room did you say is mine again???

The Word Of Jeff said...


We have a SPECIAL room just for you UNDER the basement. You'll love the all-natural dirt walls and hardwood trap door. :)

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