Sunday, October 11, 2009

Doubletree Dismay

I like the hotel I'm staying at. I stayed here for more than a month earlier this year and never had any problems. But I've been slightly ticked at the front desk staff at Doubletree this past week. I had a package arrive on Monday, October 5th. They never called my room to advise me and I didn't know it was there until Thursday morning when I stopped by after breakfast and asked the desk clerk if I had a package. He then proceeded to interrogate me as to what kind of package, then finally produced it from beneath the counter. He thrust a pickup sheet at me to sign before letting me have the package and when I asked why I hadn't been called when it arrived on Monday, he just shrugged his shoulders.

Update: I've decided that the morning desk clerk is just a sour person. I stopped by the desk after breakfast Friday to ask if he could change a ten dollar bill for a five and five ones so I could leave a tip for the housekeeping staff that services my room. I laid the $10 bill on the counter between us. The way he reacted, You would have thought I asked him to just give me money free and clear instead of change. It seemed that he wanted to draw out the process as long as possible to let me know what an inconvenience it was to him. He counted out the ones three times and then snatched the $10 off the counter before handing me the change, as if he was afraid I would run off with both the change and the $10. I'm pretty sure that one more incident with him will require that I speak to the Front Desk Manager.

I never had this problem when I was here earlier this year and I don't remember this unfriendly desk clerk being here then. He is definitely not in the right job. His (lack of) personality makes him unsuitable for a job dealing with the public.


Cindy said...

Why wait until you are mad??? speak to the Front Desk Manager right now. There is no need for him to treat you that way and the Manager needs to know and address this right away. He is in a guest service is his job to be friendly and polite to everyone..

or you could just ask him if he was having a bad day...sometimes that will shake them out of it.

Michelle said...

I agree with Cindy. He's hired to do a job and if he can't/won't do it properly then he needs to find another.

In the meantime you are paying to stay there and you deserve to be be treated as a welcome guest.

Then again, you can always go the route I did once and start by saying, "I'm sorry to have to ask you to do your job, but..." LOL

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