Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When Your Bumper Sticker And Your Actions Don't Match

Last Friday I drove up to visit my mom. I take the Florida Turnpike for a portion of my trip and had seen a couple of Florida Highway Patrol cars so I made sure not to go more than 5 MPH over the posted speed limit of 65. After all, it was the beginning of the Labor Day weekend and you just know that some speeders are going to be used as an example early on.

So I'm driving along in the right-hand lane, doing about 70, and I see this minivan in my mirror roaring up behind me in the left-hand lane. As it blows by me, easily clocking 85 to 90 MPH, I spot a large sticker on the back windshield that reads:

I Drive 55 For Safety


1 comment:

Michelle said...

...but I drive 85 to get there on time.

That part must've blown off the car. LOL

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