Sunday, February 1, 2009

Save The Words

My friend, Mary Ann de Stefano of MAD About Words, Twittered earlier this evening about a really cool site called Save The Words and I thought I'd share it with you.

The basis of Save The Words is that every year words are removed from the dictionary due to lack of use, so if people will adopt these rarely used words and employ them in their writing and conversation they can be "saved" from removal or even reentered into use and the dictionary.

In addition to adopting these words, the site also offers suggestions on how to spread your adopted word in conversation, e-mails, SMS text messages, letters, and even in unusual ways such as sky writing and tattoos. You can also sign up to receive a Word of The Day e-mail to expand your vocabulary.

My adopted word is "plebicolar", because that's how I roll. What's yours?


AnnMarie said...

Thats how you roll....hahaha. I will check it out.

Mary Ann de Stefano said...

Thanks for the plug. A few more like that one might help me rise above "jobler" status.

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