Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Media & Social Media Acceptance Growing?

If you're reading this in the morning, please don't read too loud as hopefully I'm still sleeping in on my first day off after 2 weeks and 144 hours of work.



On a daily basis, when I am out on assignment around the country, I review news clips that mention our mission. In the past, only those from "official" media outlets have been collected and disseminated. But for the first time this past Tuesday a blog entry was included and on Thursday, lo and behold, a Twitter post appeared. It feels so cool that new media and social media mentions are beginning to be included now and not dismissed as being beneath recognition.

Do you think Obama, with his high visibility of using YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and even placing a blog on the official White House website, might be responsible for that?

New media and social media writers or spokespeople are consistently accused of being unreliable or inaccurate by the "official" media, but we're all very much aware that those so-called "official" media outlets aren't always reliable when it comes to relaying accurate reports either.

In fact, tomorrow's post will highlight some more of those fun spelling errors I see all the time and some of those are from the "Big Boys."

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