Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Saturday Snow Pictures

Saturday afternoon I looked out my office window and saw the rain had started. Rain is fine, even when it is as cold as it has been here, but I knew from the weather report that this rain was going to change to snow. Sure enough, within about 30 minutes the raindrops had changed to snow flakes and I worried that the bridges on the drive back to the hotel would begin to ice over, so I left work early in the hope of getting over them before that happened.

Driving back, I snapped these photos...some of them through the windshield as you can tell.

And the view from my hotel room after arriving safely.


Cindy said...

I wouldn't want to drive in the snow..but it is so beautiful and peaceful looking.

AnnMarie said...

It is very pretty! Glad you made it back safe.

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