Wednesday, September 3, 2008

THE Greatest Sports Movie Of All Time

I got back to the hotel last night after attending a (thankfully) brief city council meeting in a town about 30 minutes from here and as I started channel-surfing I happened upon THE Greatest Sports Movie Of All Time on the Movieplex channel.

Gene Hackman and Dennis Hopper star as the coach with a problematic past and his recovering alcoholic assistant who take a 1952 Indiana high school basketball team to the state championship playoff in "Hoosiers", THE Greatest Sports Movie Of All Time!

I'm not even a rabid basketball fan, but then again "Hoosiers" is more than a basketball-themed movie. In the end, it is the quintessential story of overcoming monumental odds, both personally and professionally, to achieve a goal. Every writer and wannabe-writer recognizes the plot device. But the cast of this movie work together to deliver the most heart-tugging, feel good, have-you-on-your-feet-cheering sports-themed movie I have ever seen. Thus, in my opinion, THE Greatest Sports Movie Of All Time.

What's yours?


AnnMarie said...

No way it's A League of Their Own!!!

The Word Of Jeff said...


That WAS a good one, but it never got me going like "Hoosiers." :)

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