Friday, July 18, 2008

Weekend Plans

Lost my Internet connection last night so couldn't even post the cheese grater slide photo.

We're hosting our grandchildren tonight and planning on going to Universal Studios tomorrow before taking them back home to mommy and daddy.

I had wanted to go see The Dark Knight at Orlando's only IMAX theater on Saturday night, but all the shows were sold out. Maybe it's for the best. I don't like crowds, so if I wait until later in the week perhaps there won't be a massive throng of humanity to wade through. I didn't care for the last Batman movie (I know, I was definitely in the minority), but this one looks like it will be very good (of course, that's what I thought about the last one).

In fact there's no doubt it's for the best since now we'll be enjoying dinner out with Cindy's parents, which is always a treat.

Sunday will probably be spent going through my office continuing to filter out what's needed and what is not. It's just amazing the things you accumulate. I think I'll be using eBay and Freecycle quite a bit in the near future.

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