Friday, July 11, 2008

The Cheese Grater Slide

Ok, here's the scoop. I try my best to post each and every day, but sometimes work or personal issues prevent that from happening.

Still, I don't want those who faithfully stop by here (or check their RSS feeds) to come away empty-handed.

From now on, when I don't have time to post an entry, I'll post the photo below of the kid hurtling down the slide toward the giant cheese grater.

That way you'll know I "couldn't cut it" that day. And hopefully everyone has a good laugh.


AnnMarie said...

LMAO ow?? Who let their kid go down that?

The Word Of Jeff said... one Princess. It's "Photoshopped."

AnnMarie said...

Oh.. I knew that.

kimsota said...

In Minnesota there is a different meaning to the phrase "Cutting the cheese,". It means that someone near by has passed gas as in "who cut the cheese?"

Guess who?

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