Sunday, July 13, 2008

Staying In Touch With Twitter

I've been using Twitter for a while now and have found that I really enjoy how it lets me post a quick update of small events during my day (so much so that Cindy told me I went over my wireless plan's 200 text message limit by 104 last month). I also appreciate how it lets me keep up with the lives of some of my friends and acquaintances through their posts. A few of them are set up to go right through to my Blackberry and the rest I can peruse on the site (or through FriendFeed, more on that in another post) at my leisure.

Since time is not always a luxury for me, even with the brevity of Twitter posts, I am selective about who I follow. Here's a list of who I currently have on my follow list:

Cindy - my wife. She only joined to follow me and never posts anything herself.

Denise - My friend. She joined and then ran into some kind of technical difficulties that she has not resolved yet.

Michelle - My friend. We also use Twitter on the Athena Site to keep readers up to date on site postings.

Zaida - My friend. She hasn't used Twitter in quite a while. Get busy girl!

Vanessa - My friend. She is by far the most frequent poster of my friends, and I love reading her Twits.

Jill - My former editor when I wrote for Suite101 and a personal friend of Michelle's. She's catching up quickly to Vanessa in post frequency.

Danny - A fellow writer in Winter Park. We haven't met personally yet, but I'm sure we will at some point.

Orlando Sentinel - My local paper. When I'm traveling, their Twits help me stay up on breaking news in Orlando.

If you're a family member or friend who hasn't signed up with Twitter yet, I hope you will and will let me know when you do so I can add you to my follow list.


Michelle said...

Generally I find I twitter most when I travel. Just silly stuff that I want to share for the most part, but it also helps me remember key things to blog about later.

But I'm learning to use it to help spread word on my work, to build networks of like-minded people (nothing like instant breaking news) and to just randomly share thoughts that really don't warrant a whole post.

I worry that sometimes I twitter too much, but I figure if it gets intrusive, people can always unfollow. LOL

Anonymous said...

You calling me a twit? ;)

Was reading your blog the other day and Gavin was looking over my shoulder.
"Who that?"
"That's my friend, Mr. Jeff."
"Oh. I like that Jeff."

The Word Of Jeff said...

Michelle, I find I use it more when traveling as well, but trying to get more into the habit of using it for everyday small events.

Crankydragon, please tell Gav that I like him too and am looking forward to meeting him one day.

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