Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Blub, Blub Blub"

A makeshift concrete and sandbag flood wall is constructed across the Walnut Street bridge in Des Moines ahead of expected flood waters earlier this afternoon. Several bridges leading into the city were closed late today as the rising Des Moines River was expected to flood over and cover the bridges, making them impassable.

More severe thunderstorms are expected to begin dumping more water on the area beginning tomorrow through Thursday on a part of the state that typically receives 1.75 inches of rain in June and thus far has been inundated by 8.25 inches.


kimsota said...

Something good may come from this, your long hours will allow your wife to retire early. Think positive.
I thank you for serving our country.

Michelle said...

Remember where I spent this winter in Wisconsin? The heavy rains completely obliterated Lake Delton yesterday, about 10 miles north of where gramma lived. The lake rose so high it managed to connect with the Wisconsin River and it drained leaving nothing but a mud pit. DNR says they won't be able to refill the lake until at least August, completely wiping out the summer tourist season that pays the salary of 75% of the locals.

Plus, my friend I stayed with in Rock Springs had to evacuate on Monday because the river behind her home rose so high it completely flooded the garage/basement and is expected to reach her second floor living quarters by today.

And to think...I just left there three weeks ago. Holy crap!

You stay safe as you're working in Des Moines, ok? My blessings are with you.

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