Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Granting Permission

If you've read this blog for a while (or gone back through all the archives) you know that occasionally I get asked for permission to use photographs I've taken and posted on the Internet. And you know that I'm always happy to have them used.

A couple of years ago, before I went on the road traveling a lot, I used to write camping and outdoors articles for Suite101.com. I enjoyed the gig and my editor, Jill Florio, was great. My content is still up on their site and they are good about making sure everything is marked as being copyrighted by the author (all rights revert to authors after a year) and I continue to get occasional small checks when page views are enough to warrant that.

Monday, in a new twist for me, I was asked for permission to use an outdoor article I had written. A trainer in Ontario sent me an e-mail asking if he could use my article "Gear Care - Camping Tent- How to properly care for your tent" in a class he was teaching to Scout Leaders. I appreciated that, because obviously he could have used it and there's small chance I would have ever known. So I was happy to grant him written permission to use the article for such a good cause and I hope it's useful to the trainer and the students.


AnnMarie said...

Woot how cool!

Georgie said...

Very Cool!

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