Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What Is Real?

I'm not trying to get uber-philosophical, but what is real? How do you judge what you term to be "reality" as being real? Is the position that "perception is reality" a correct one? Is the physical life we lead real, or is there a mental existence that is the real life?

For example, most of my dreams are very real to me, as real as my daily existence. What if the dreams are my "real life" and my supposed "real life" is the dream?

How do you judge what is real?

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Michelle said...

I've always thought of "reality" as being a triad between physical, mental and emotional.

The physical - what we can touch, smell, see, hear, etc.
The mental - how our brain interprets the physical information
The emotional - waiting to put its 2 cents in on the sidelines based on past memories, experiences and teachings

And that's why everybody's perception of "reality" is slightly different...IMHO. ;)

I've also wondered about that whole which is real life and which is the dream state, but maybe they just coexist?

Or maybe we're all part of some huge "Matrix"-like machine. LOL

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