Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blast From The Past

I was kicking around my friend "LilDabster’s Blog" the other day and came across a page she had created to memorialize the surprise my staff had prepared to welcome me back to work upon my return from Scotland in May of 2006.

Yeah, I know it says "Bruce's Return" but it IS about yours truly, who had gained the nickname "Bruce" thanks to a total mix-up of my name by a "customer" of ours the year before.

I remember I got a real kick and a good laugh out of their surprise when I walked back into the office for the first time in two weeks that morning. It took me a few days to eventually get the foil off of everything they had wrapped, and then they took the foil and compressed it into a solid ball of aluminum about twice the size of a standard softball and all of them signed it. I still have it in my office at home. Thanks to Natasha, Rebecca, Heather and Denise for the fun and the thought. It will always be a good memory for me.

And thanks to LilDabster for the Blast From The Past. Catch her writings about being in Houston helping to recover from Ike.


Georgie said...

You mean whining about staff in Houston. LOL!
Those were the good ole days and Hey, that ball might be worth something some day!

The Word Of Jeff said...


I was trying to be kind about Houston, LOL.

They WERE, weren't they? And we didn't even know it then.

Yeah, I figure in today's economy I should be able to sell it to a recycling business and make a nice profit!

AnnMarie said...

That's just epic.

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