Wednesday, April 2, 2008

World Autism Awareness Day

Back in November of 2007, the United Nations passed a resolution declaring April 2nd of each year beginning in 2008 to be observed as World Autism Awareness Day. The resolution seeks to promote early diagnosis, early intervention and necessary services for individuals affected by Autism Spectrum.

That day is today. The very FIRST World Autism Awareness Day to be observed around the globe.

Last night, as I was sitting down to write this, some parts of the world where it was already April 2nd had begun the observation and celebration. In Saudi Arabia they've recognized some autistic people who have changed the world in positive and beautiful ways. In the Philippines they'll be having a concert to celebrate the observance. In London, Baroness Uddin, a leading campaigner for autism awareness in the Palace of Westminster, welcomed the release of the first song dedicated to autism in the UK, "Open Every Door." I have no doubt that in a few years there will be many, many more from all over the world. This morning, representatives from Autism Speaks will ring the opening bell on the New York Stock Exchange. CNN will dedicate an entire day of programming to various aspects of autism, and in the days leading up to this observance have already posted a multitude of informative videos and articles about the subject on their website.


The more awareness of autism, the better chance there is of understanding and developing even more educational breakthroughs to assist those who are affected by it and their loved ones.

So observe World Autism Awareness Day in your own way. Educate yourself further, make a donation to an autism charity, or if you see someone wearing an autism pin, stop a moment and talk to them. I'm sure they'll be happy to share their story or knowledge they have.

All Autism Art on this post courtesy of Design by Cher


Cindy said...

This is so important. I have a grandchild with Autism and I learn more from him everyday. He is a sweet child, and I know he has a lot to offer the world. Mikey Grandma loves you very much.


kimsota said...

Nice blog Jeff, we watched PBS this evening about care givers and what the parents should prepare them for.
Future directions to follow. (more camping ) etc.
I leave Friday for a 3 day weekend so will write more when I return. Wish you could go along.

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