Thursday, April 3, 2008

I've been Baxterized

One of the local TV stations here in Baton Rouge has a news anchor that makes me feel like I'm watching the fictional WJM-TV's Ted Baxter.

Aside from the silver hair, this anchor doesn't physically resemble good old Ted, but his manner of speech, cadence, tone and some of his mannerisms will have you expecting to see Mary Tyler Moore walk into the scene.

The other day, he had me mesmerized as I watched the screen, noting all the strange pauses, inflections and the eerie way his eyes stare straight ahead as he reads the teleprompter. When he's teamed with his female co-host, he gets all goofy, both in voice pitch and physical action.

I've tried switching the channel to another station for local news, but somehow he's got me hooked. I watch just to see what strangeness will emanate from the screen.

I've been Baxterized.

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