Thursday, March 6, 2008

On Crack

Addictions, if practiced with temperance, can be fun, enjoyable and a learning experience. At least that's what I keep telling myself as my affection for my Blackberry continues to grow.

I can see why it has garnered the nickname "Crackberry." I would sooner forget my pants than to forget my sweet 8310. I've even tried leaving it in one room while I work in the other, but I can never leave it by itself (or is that leave me by myself?) for very long.

Someone the other day told me they had a Palm Treo and my unspoken thought was "Heh heh, that is SO yesterday."

I've added a 1GB data card and several helpful programs, and bookmarked the majority of web sites I frequent that are "mobile" formatted for ease of viewing on the 2x2 screen. I'm about to add an enhanced photo viewing program, receipt tracking program and the one I'm really curious about; the writing program.

Now, to be sure, there is a small utilitarian text program on my sweetiekins and I have used it for short note taking, but this program would allow me to do more; something I could use to write longer pieces with. The big bottleneck would still be the "thumb" keyboard on my baby, so I may have to also explore getting one of those folding or roll-up keyboards to plug into it so I don't get major thumb cramps.

I'm also hoping to get a program to integrate my Google Calendar into the appointment program of my love bunny. I think she gets jealous when I fire up the laptop to make calendar entries.

1 comment:

AnnMarie said...

Yeah like I said, I can see Jason blowing his top now. Let's hope they don't make a Blackberry version of WoW, the whole world would stop!

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