Saturday, March 15, 2008

Anger Management for Dummies

I was in the bookstore last night picking out something to spend a gift card on (Thanks Kirk!) and as I was walking up to the checkout counter I passed a table full of different "Dummies" books that were under a discount sign and obviously on display to entice browsers to buy.

Under normal circumstances I would have paused to peruse the display in the hopes of finding a book that deals with my own particular kind of "Dummieness", but the store was putting on some kind of special presentation and program for kids and there were multitudes of the little ankle biters swarming all over the first floor. Kids are great, I love kids. It's the parents who never make their little cherubs behave that irritate me, and there were plenty of those in attendance.

So, to save my sanity and escape the screams, crying and whining of the collective future of our world, I hurried on my way past the display. But one title caught my eye and made me chuckle at the irony of both the current situation and the title's intended audience.

I mean, don't you think that someone who suffers from anger management issues would be set off by a title such as, "Anger Management For Dummies"?


kimsota said...

I am wondering why you would choose to feel upset. Love reading your blogs.

AnnMarie said...

What are you trying to say????

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