Friday, March 28, 2008

Back To The Future

The other day I watched Back to the Future III.

When I came to Louisiana I brought some DVD's I had not yet watched from home and the set containing all three of the BTTF movies was one of them. A couple of weeks ago I watched the first, last week the second and this week the third. But it was watching the third that brought back a nice memory.

Back in 1990 when BTTF III opened, theaters across the country decided it would be a good promotion to have marathons where they would play all three of the movies in order in one showing. A local science fiction/comic book store had a TV show on the local cable access channel and they had some contests to win tickets to the showing at the only theater in Orlando that was participating in the promotion. I was fortunate enough to win 2 tickets and got to spend a day enjoying the movies with someone.

Watching it the other day reminded me of how much I enjoyed that Saturday and it brought a bittersweet smile to my face.

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