Monday, March 24, 2008

New Right Column Content

This will be of more interest to writers who may visit this blog, since I am attempting to make this a page about writing in general and my own writing in particular. Accordingly, I have been adding content that will pertain to writers and their interests.

Over in my right-hand column, I have added a feature that suggests writing prompts for those who may have hit that proverbial "writer's block" wall; a scrolling marquee of current and upcoming writing contests (I'm actually, seriously, maybe considering the possibility of submitting a short story entry in a Science Fiction and Fantasy contest); and an ad for a free subscription to "Blogger & Podcaster."

Please don't forget, if you plan to order something from Amazon (and who doesn't?), that if you'll go to Amazon via the ad in my right column, I'll get a few pennies as a referral fee that I can apply toward defraying the cost of this site.

1 comment:

AnnMarie said...

I still need to pre-order the R.E.M. album, I'll do that now. So it can sit, unopened, with all my other R.E.M. albums hahaha

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