Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Art Of Life

I should catch up on my life here a bit over the past week or so. Here's part 1.

Mikey came to spend Friday night with us last week. His dad dropped him off on the way to work and Mikey and I had a few hours to ourselves before Grandma got home from work. We went through some computer magazines I had on hand and I introduced him to the digital versions of some, plus I gave him some Photoshop lessons on certain procedures.

When Grandma got home we went to Mikey's favorite restaurant and my least-liked...McDonald's. Saturday morning we joined Granny, Grampy and Aunt Amber for breakfast at Cracker Barrel and had a very good time. We were going to go to the Science Center Saturday afternoon, but Mikey decided he would rather not do that activity, so we made trips to Barnes & Noble and to IKEA as we looked for some furnishing ideas for the cabin.

We had a good time looking at books and magazines at Barnes & Noble. We spent a lot of time persuing the computer magazines, heh heh. Here's an iPhone photo of Mikey and I with the books of the writing section on shelves behind us.

At IKEA we didn't come away with much that was helpful since IKEA seems to be geared more to furnishing college dorm rooms or starter apartments, but Mikey offered his thoughts and preferences on some of the beds and couches. After a lunch at Smokey Bones, we returned home for an hour or so until Daddy came to pick him up and take him back home.

Monday morning I had an appointment with my doctor. No good news there to share.

Monday afternoon I got to have lunch with Denise, a friend and co-worker (though we haven't seen each other in almost 2, I can't believe it's been that long) who I really enjoy spending time with and conversating with. We spent an hour and a half eating and catching up on what's been going on in our lives (at least the parts that don't appear in our e-mails, blogs, Facebook posts or Twitter tweets) on the road and at home. Truly, there are very few people I enjoy spending time with and Denise is among that small number.

Throughout the week I did a lot of reading, some writing and a bit of work around the house such as taking down our old window blinds and hanging new rods and curtains that Cindy had picked out. We bought some of those "Eclipse" curtains and, let me tell you, they live up to their name.

More in tomorrow's post.

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Georgie said...

What a coinky-dink. I actually like spending time with you too. We should try to get together more often than every two years, though, especially since you and Cindy will soon be leaving the area.

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