Saturday, June 6, 2009

Writer's Totem?

A few weeks back I ran across a blog or RSS feed that mentioned having a "Writer's Totem", a creature that would represent your writing (spiritually, I suppose) much as some people believe that they have a personal totem that represents their totality in life.

I'm probably on shaky ground here because I do not possess a great deal (if any) faith in this type of thing, so if I get something wrong (including my conclusion above) feel free to chime in. A few years ago a mutual friend of ours who DOES have a great deal of faith in these things, upon Cindy's request, told her what he saw as my personal totem. We had a good laugh and I promptly forgot about it (that lack of faith and belief thing, you know).

Then, when I read this piece about a writer's totem it brought that incident back to mind except I couldn't remember WHAT animal he said was my personal totem. I thought if I did research on the subject it would be interesting to see if my personal totem and my writer's totem matched, were similar or complete opposites. So I called Cindy and asked and she reminded me that I was a bear (how apropos!). I did a very small amount of research on writer's totems this afternoon, but could not really come up with much.

So, I'm just throwing this out there for anyone who may be familiar with the term and/or have some knowledge to share, please leave a comment with links or your information.


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Anonymous said...

I like bears

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