Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back In The Bluegrass State

I arrived back in Kentucky late this afternoon. The last time I flew in to Lexington (in February) it was snowy, icy and cold. Today it was warm and rainy. Obviously my very presence has served to improve the weather conditions.

Tomorrow I begin 12 hour days, 6 days a week with a 45-minute drive to and from the office tacked on to that so posting may be sparse but I will try my best to have an entry up each day.

I'm thinking about getting the new iPhone that comes out Friday (32MB with video camera and all the usual cool Apple stuff and developer apps) and dumping my BlackBerry Curve. Any thoughts?


AnnMarie said...

Dump the Blackberry to me? HAHA jk, lemme know what you do, it sounds really nice.

Michelle said...

Be thankful you're not here for the upper 90s heatwave. Dr has me housebound because of it. :P

I have a feeling you'll eventually get the iPhone, so why even ask. LOL I thought about getting the old version but then I'd have to switch from Verizon to AT&T, so I'm still thinking it over.

Cindy said...

Go ahead and get it. Tell me all about it so that I can live through you. :)

love you... go ahead and get the phone you will need something to get you through the next few months.

JoAnne Bennett said...

My daughters would say you must have the newest, technical break-through, especially if their mom and dad are getting suckered into paying for it :). Oregon has had unusually warm and muggy weather, more like the South. Does the Bluegrass state of Kentucky get hotter in the summers than FL? Our daughter in TN sent us a picture of the darkest skies we've ever seen before. I guess they were predicating a tornado of sorts the other night.

Jeff, don't forget to take time to breath with that hectic schedule, and remember those much needed mini-trips home to see your family.

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