Sunday, February 24, 2008

SmarterTravel Quiz

If you look around this site very much, you know that I enjoy traveling (as well as writing about it).

I came across this Travel Quiz that purports to determine the kind of travel/destination/activity you would enjoy. There wasn't much question that it would confirm what I already knew; that my favorite travel involves visiting local art and history museums, restaurants and historical locations.

Take the quiz and let me know how accurate it is in gauging what kind of traveler you are.

1 comment:

Cindy said...

*If you answered mostly B's, you're an Offbeat Traveler

Offbeat travelers defy easy categorization. What drives them is a thirst for the undiscovered and the crowd-free. You may find them at a roadside attraction, a quirky museum, or wandering little-visited neighborhoods far away from the major tourist sites.

Great offbeat destinations: Alien-hunting and crystal shopping in New Mexico; Carhenge; Graceland Too, Holly Springs, Mississippi; the Oregon Vortex; Paris catacombs


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