Sunday, February 3, 2008

Funny Photos From New Zealand

A stop sign on Victoria Street in Auckland, New Zealand. Posted on Flickr by parkesmj.

I used to have some parachute pants, but they were never as full blown as M.C. Hammer's.

The Auckland Old Folks Association building. Also posted on Flickr by parkesmj.

This one reminds me of the guy who was on the phone with the printers to get business cards. After giving them all the pertinent information (name, address, phone, company) the printer asked him if he wanted his title under his name. "Yes", he said, "Assistant to the Executive Vice President." When the printer told him that title had 5 more characters than would fit he said, "Fine, just abbreviate 'Assistant'." You've already guessed what his title was when he received the cards;

"Ass. to the Executive Vice President"

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