Saturday, September 22, 2007

L'Etoile du nord

The schedule here has been pretty tough and has taken it's toll on my writing and photography desires. I leave the hotel for the office when it's still dark outside and leave the office at the end of the day as the sun is setting. Six days a week. Well, five and half this week as we went to a half-day on Saturday starting today.

Anyway, I'm reading other sites and looking at other folks photography to live vicariously through their words and pictures during this time that I can't produce my own. Here's a great article on the subject of "Photowalking" by Thomas Hawk, the CEO of Zooomr. While I currently practice a lot of his points, some I have not. By the way, there were three days that I was "in the field" and took tons of shots from three different towns for myself, but since they involve work issues I can't post them here as I did the Minnesota Bridge Collapse photos. When my mind is not so burned out and I can think a little more in depth about it, I'll figure out a way to post them somewhere, perhaps under a password protected system.


Cindy said...

I look forward to seeing your pictures. You must have a GREAT camera... :)

kimsota said...

I have 225 pictures from Brazil, if you want to see some more. Looking forward to Friday


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