Thursday, May 21, 2009

Granting Sentience To Inanimate Objects

By way of explanation as to my absence here for the past two days; I lost my Internet connection at the hotel Monday night/Tuesday morning. It would seem to be a problem with my laptop, though checks of all the applicable devices and diagnostics of the system have yet to reveal WHAT that problem might be. This morning, just before leaving the room to go to work, the connection was back. I hope I find that remains the same when I return to the room this evening...or you won't be reading this. (Success! I have a connection!!)

One of my co-workers at the hotel, who allowed me to bring my laptop to her room last night to check whether it would connect on her working Ethernet connection, submitted the theory that my laptop (a PC) has picked up the energy of my desire for a MacBook Pro and is reacting accordingly. While not a believer in granting sentience to inanimate objects, I will nonetheless attempt to explain to my laptop that, perversely, such a reaction on its part will simply make me inclined to replace it with that desired MacBook Pro even sooner than I planned.


Cindy said...

umm.. throwing it against the wall will not help. Go get your MacPro you know you want to.

AnnMarie said...

Mikey will flipping go NUTS when he finds out you finally got one.

The Word Of Jeff said...


Just a point of clarification: I have NOT bought one yet. Still have too many expenses associated with the cabin construction to be able to afford one right now. So don't misinform Mikey, lol.

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