Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ah, The Weekend

Things have been busy, both at work and in the old personal life, this past week. We're off this Monday for Memorial Day so it will be a VERY welcome 2 1/2 day weekend for me. I can use the rest and relaxation.

Busy week coming up, I'll tell you all about it later. But for now, back to a little pleasure reading, while sort of half-watching one of my favorite movies. Can you identify it from this quote?

"Make a move and the bunny gets it!"

Leave your answer in the comments.


Rebecca said...

ConAir - I just watched it myself !!

The Word Of Jeff said...

LOL, right you are!

What a crazy line!

Rebecca said...

Yay - what did I win?

The Word Of Jeff said...


I have your very own "No-Prize" right here. Will send it out in the mail on Tuesday. :)

AnnMarie said...

Oh I love that movie.. hope your weekend has been good :) Mikey was asking me about Memorial Day today and it's a little hard to explain to him. I left the part where they died out and just talked about the soldiers who fought for our country. Not sure he gets it yet.

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