Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fortune Cookie

I had dinner at a pretty authentic Chinese restaurant here in Waterloo tonight and it was very tasty.

But over and above the enjoyment of the food were two things that stood out:

My fortune cookie had two fortunes inside (is that good?) and one read, "A fond memory will soon lead to a renewed friendship" which was puzzling to me. I don't have any friendships to renew, lol.

When the fortune cookie was brought to my table, this is what the server delivered it on...

Yeah, that's some beautifully crafted metal container with a heavy white smoke flowing from various openings and it lent a very exotic air to what was simply me eating my favorite Chinese food meal and reading a magazine.

Does anyone know what the significance of this practice might be? The server did not speak English very fluently and anyway I was a little embarrassed to ask in case it was some kind of special honor or something.


Michelle said...

I think it's a Chinese food ritual that is said to produce good dreams for the user. Kind of like echoing good fortune, hence its delivery with the cookie.

But it's been years since I lived in Vancouver's Chinatown, so I could be a bit rusty with my recollection. LOL

The Word Of Jeff said...

Thanks Michelle. I was sure you would know the answer. :)

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