Sunday, January 6, 2008

R.I.P. Major Andrew Olmsted

U.S. Army Major Andrew Olmsted, who posted blogs on Obsidian Wings as G'Kar while on active duty in Iraq, was killed in an ambush in Diyala, along with fellow team member Captain Thomas Casey, on January 3rd.

In anticipation that he might indeed be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice in service to his country, Major Olmsted penned a "Final Post" and gave it to a fellow blogger for safekeeping with instructions to post the entry should he die while in Iraq.

Major Olmsted was obviously a man of intelligence and eloquence. Any man who will quote Babylon 5, Plato and The Princess Bride has my attention. And my tears at mankind's loss.

Read his "Final Post." I believe you will be mightily affected in some manner.

My sympathy goes out to his family and friends

R.I.P. Major Andrew Olmsted. And...Thank you.


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You did it again, very well I might say.

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